sheriff callie birthday party

I can’t believe it’s almost been two months since P’s party- this summer is going by way too fast for me.  I meant to write this post a loooong time ago but it just didn’t happen :)  This year was the first time Presley actually had input as to what kind of party she wanted and who she wanted to be there.  She was dead set on having a Sheriff Callie themed party with all of her friends.  Who knew it took so long for Disney to start pumping out the cartoon’s toys… there’s literally NOTHING Sheriff Callie for sale.  Anywhere.  So we had to get a little creative and it became more of a “Wild West” party with hints of Sheriff Callie.  As long as Pres got to be the Sheriff for the day she was thrilled.

Turns out all the Sheriff’s would rather hang out in the jail than put the bad guys in jail.  Sheriff Callie Jail  Sheriff Callie Jail Wild West Party Wild West Party  Birthday Cake Cookies Wild West Party Birthday Cupcakes Cake Jars  Sheriff Callie Party  Sheriff Callie Party  Sheriff Callie Party  Sheriff Callie Party

SheriffP 27PP  Sheriff Callie Party

SheriffP 24PP  Sheriff Callie Party

4th of July

Happy 4th of July weekend!  We had a great 4th with friends, family, food and fireworks!  Pres was SO excited for the “party” and for fireworks… every morning the week prior she would wake up and ask me if it was time for fireworks yet :)  This was officially the first year she didn’t sleep through them.  I meant to take more pictures of the adorable baby’s and kids that came over… but life happened and I barely picked up my camera after everyone got here.  :(

My favorite (and EASY) spiked lemonade- 1 pack of Crystal Light, 2 1/2 bottles Pellegrino and 1 cup of vodka.

4th of JULY-10 PP

Jell-O Shots!  Papa is a Jell-O shot connoisseur so I wanted to surprise him with my patriotic version :)  I followed this recipe.  They were actually really easy to make, my one tip would be to squirt each layer in with a small condiment bottle rather than pouring.

S’more fixin’s!  We’ve had a fire pit for a long, long time (like 6 years long time) and the 4th was the first time we have ever used it!  I can’t wait to get lots of use out of it this summer.  We made some new benches for our side yard so it feels more like a cozy fire pit nook now :)

Hope everyone had a great 4th!  We are all so lucky to live in this great country!

p turns 3!

Welp, we made it through Presley’s Birthday week.  There were a couple of breakdowns on my part, but we made it.  Between planning Birthday dinners, a big ol’ party and the emotions of my little lady turning another year older… I’m a pretty big mess during the special time that is her Birthday week every year.  I know she’s only three (and probably won’t remember any of this) but I want every part of her day and her party day to be perfect for her.  I can’t help it.  I just want her to always remember feeling extra special for her special day.

This year was really the first year she was SO excited for her Birthday and SO excited to have her friends over for her party.  For a kid that LOVES getting presents, or as she calls them “prizes”, a Birthday is pretty much the best day ever.

Speaking of the best day ever- literally 5 seconds after she woke up the morning of her actual Birthday she just yelled “this is the best day evvvvverrrrr!!!”  So cute, I just about died!

IMG_5168 PP

We started the morning off opening presents.  “Awwwwww so cute” was her answer to everything she opened. :)

   IMG_5190 PP

IMG_5199 PP

IMG_5202 PPIMG_5206 PPIMG_5214 PP

We headed to the park with all of P’s Grandma’s and her BFF Avery for some fun for the afternoon.  I’ve gotta admit that giant slide is pretty fun!  They played, picnicked and then played some more.  It was the perfect way to spend the day :)

IMG_5248 PP

We ended the day with more presents and dinner/dessert with the fam.  We also gave P her big present… a shiny white Mercedes.  She needs a lot of practice since she’s quite the crazy little driver.  But she’s getting the hang of it!

IMG_5257 PP

IMG_5230 PP

IMG_5222 PP

IMG_5226 PP

Did I mention her Daddy gave her a bouquet of hydrangeas and peonies?  Too cute.  She wuvvvvvved it :)

IMG_5229 PP

IMG_5279 PP

IMG_5284 PP

IMG_5286 PP

IMG_5290 PP

She really went for it!

We had one tired girl by the end of the day but I definitely think it was the best day ever! (so far)

More on her big Sheriff Presley’s Wild West party later :)

happy birthday sweet p

I can’t believe our girl turns three today.  I never imagined this little human could steal my heart the way she has.  She’s made me firmly believe that ice cream with sprinkles and tiny marshmallows can fix anything, wearing clothes is overrated and that little girls are the best.

We have lots of Birthday fun planned for her this week, wrapping it all up on Sunday with her big Sheriff Callie party.  To say she is excited would be a major understatement.  She’s ready to party!

Pturns3  7PP