sagebrush & heart

Sagebrush & Heart

After getting a nice big shove from my personal cheer squad I’ve finally opened up an Etsy shop to sell fun accessories for kiddos and some for grown ups too :)  I’ve been making hand stamped necklaces for a while now, and that’s turned into bracelets and headbands and who knows what else.  It’s been a great way to satisfy my crafting obsession :)

I don’t know why it seems so scary to put it all out there and actually try to sell some of the stuff but it is SO SCARY.   But here goes nothing!  Hopefully I’ll be able to figure out Etsy and get a few of the things that Pres and I have come up with listed in the next few days.  Presley decided she’s creative director and I’m her assistant :)  She would like her formal title to be “Pinkie Pie Rockstar Creative Director of Hearts”  Sounds pretty perfect :)

Sagebrush & Heart Bracelts for Mini's

We thought it would be fun to make some bracelets for Oregon fans since their getting ready to go to the big game!  You can find them here.

Sagebrush & Heart WTD Bracelet #oregonducks #ducksfootball

Sagebrush & Heart WTD Bracelet #oregonducks #ducksfootball

 Hopefully I’ll have some other items posted this week!



How is it already 2015!?!  Another busy holiday season down and now I’m trying to muster up the energy to put away the Christmas decorations :)  We had a low key NYE with friends as usual… this year it seems like the number of kiddos doubled… and today we spent most of the day in our pj’s just being lazy and watching football.

I never really do a New Year’s resolution but this year I’m going to try to drink more water.  We’ll see how that goes.  Presley has several resolutions with her top 3 being to love people, get lots of jobs and to help people not be sick :)

Hope everyone had a safe and fun NYE!

beer advent calendar

Hope everyone had a great Turkey Day!  We started our day off at my grandparent’s house for strawberry waffles and mimosas, went to my in-laws for our first dinner of the day then back to my grandparents for the second and last dinner of the day.  I. Am. So. Full.  Everything was so delicious!  We’re pretty lucky to have amazing cooks on both sides of our family.  I just wish it was acceptable to run around in your underwear like Pres did all night rather than feeling like your pants are about to blow a button.  :)

We’re planning on spending today getting into the Christmas spirit.  Donuts and coffee date to start the day then we’ll be off to get our Christmas tree!  Some good friends of ours grow Christmas trees so we get the VIP treatment when it’s time to pick the perfect one.  We’ll see what Pres and her little friend Emrey choose for us. :)

Speaking of getting into the Christmas spirit… I’ve decided that an advent calendar is a MUST when you have a little one.  Pres literally asks me at least five times a day… every day if it’s Christmas yet.  I’ve been gathering some little toys and crafts for her to open each day and I’m thinking it will really help her to understand how many days we have before Santa visits.  While I was thinking of things to put in Presley’s advent calendar I got the idea of doing a beer version for Todd.  I mean, the key to having a happy husband is an ice cold beer waiting for him when he gets home, right??   Especially when he checks the mail on his way in the house and gets the credit card bill with all of the holiday shopping damage on it ;)

It’s really easy to put together and gives you an excuse to try out some winter ales.

Happy Holidays!!